This is a record of all past gettsim releases and what went into them in reverse chronological order. We follow semantic versioning and all releases are available on

v0.7 — 2023-05-14#

v0.6.0 — 2023-01-30#

v0.5.1 — 2022-04-21#

v0.5.0 — 2022-04-01#

  • #327 Add behinderten_pauschbetrag for 1975-1986 (@lillyfischer).

  • #285 Set up bokeh dashboard to visualize tax-benefit parameters (@Si-Pf, @Eric-Sommer).

  • #306 Add the possibility to load the value of a parameter of the previous year when calling set_up_policy_environment (@ChristianZimpelmann).

  • #275 Implement Grundrente. Implement Grundsicherung im Alter. Remove ges_rente_m as input. Rename gettsim.renten_anspr to gettsim.transfers.rente. Rename gettsim.social_insurance to gettsim.social_insurance_contributions (@davpahl, @ChristianZimpelmann).

  • #307 Allow to specify order up to which ancestors and descendants are shown when plotting a dag (@ChristianZimpelmann).

  • #310 Added Mehrbedarf G to Implementation of Grundsicherung im Alter (@paulinaschroeder).

  • #311 Rename variable kaltmiete_m_hh to bruttokaltmiete_m_hh (@LauraGergeleit).

  • #319 #320 Implement changes for social assistance and social insurance becoming effective in 2022 (@Eric-Sommer).

  • #322 Add updated wohngeld parameters for 2022 (@mjbloemer, @lillyfischer).

  • #312 Updated GEP-01 with effects on character limits, time and unit identifiers, adjustments for DAG backend (@hmgaudecker).

  • #314 Enforce character limits from GEP-01 for all function names and input variables. Make variable names more precise (e.g., ges_ in front of all social insurance parameters that have private counterparts, eink_st everywhere the income tax is meant). Make variables consistent (e.g. kinderfreibetrag had different abbreviations, now kinderfreib everywhere). (@hmgaudecker, @ChristianZimpelmann)

  • #343 New argument for `compute_taxes_and_transfers`: rounding. If set to False, rounding of outputs is disabled. Add rounding for eink_st_tu. Rounding for other functions will be introduced in future PRs. (@ChristianZimpelmann).

  • #349 Create parameters for several hard coded numbers in code. (@LauraGergeleit).

  • #355 Major renaming based on GEP 01, e.g.: correct use of _m-suffix; alleinerziehend becomes alleinerz; rename ges_rentenv.yaml to ges_rente.yaml (@hmgaudecker, @ChristianZimpelmann)

  • #356 Define functions on scalars and have them vectorised. Implement aggregation functions on group levels. (@LauraGergeleit, @ChristianZimpelmann)

v0.4.2 — 2022-01-25#

  • Ensure GETTSIM works with Pandas 1.4 (#337)

v0.4.1 — 2021-04-11#

v0.4.0 — 2020-11-11#

  • #241 Renaming of directories: gettsim.benefits to gettsim.transfers; gettsim.soz_vers to gettsim.social_insurance; to gettsim.parameters (@MaxBlesch, @ChristianZimpelmann).

  • #230 Add type hints and links all docstring variables to the documentation. Also all functions have a one liner docstring now (@MaxBlesch, @FelixAhlbrecht).

  • #232 Introduce beginner tutorials on how to use GETTSIM (@amageh, @davpahl, @Trichter33).

  • #185 Add the DAG code for renten_anspr_m (@MaxBlesch). This is based on the pension simulation code by (@Eric-Sommer).

  • #184 Add visualization of the tax and transfer system as an interactive bokeh plot and documentation improvements (@tobiasraabe).

  • #198 Enhance the loader of internal and user functions, adds a tutorial for how to pass functions to the interface and provides more tests (@tobiasraabe).

  • #213 Change compute_taxes_and_transfers such that it always returns a pandas DataFrame and removes the return_dag option (@tobiasraabe).

  • #219 Refactor the DAG and makes it independent from the main interface (@tobiasraabe). The PR also changes the names of interface arguments: functions instead of user_functions, set_up_policy_environment instead of get_policy_for_date, columns_overriding_functions instead of user_columns and some more changes.

  • #225 Make gettsim ready for Python 3.8 (@tobiasraabe).

v0.3.4 — 2020-07-30#

v0.3.3 — 2020-06-27#

  • #212 Improve the error message when reduced series could not be expanded with an id variable and fixes a related error in the internal functions (@hmgaudecker, @tobiasraabe).

  • #214 Add a check for missing root nodes (@tobiasraabe).

  • #215 Add a check for duplicate targets (@tobiasraabe).

  • #216 Fix calculation of kinderzuschlag and wohngeld. Changed check against arbeitsl_geld_2 (@tobiasraabe).

v0.3.2 — 2020-06-19#

  • #196 Add docstring to and improves its interface (@MaxBlesch).

  • #197 Add all functions which build the tax and transfer system to the documentation (@tobiasraabe).

  • #198 Enhance the loader of internal and user functions, adds a tutorial for how to pass functions to the interface and provides more tests (@tobiasraabe).

  • #200 Add a debug mode to gettsim and documents the feature (@tobiasraabe).

  • #201 Improve the calculation of hh_freib and renames it to alleinerziehend_freib (@MaxBlesch, @tobiasraabe).

  • #202 Fix bugs that surfaced for negative incomes (@MaxBlesch). related transfers, calculating them at the appropriate (household) level

  • #206 Fix several bugs in arbeitsl_geld_2 and (@MaxBlesch).

v0.3.1 — 2020-06-05#

  • #188 Removes misleading code bits from the documentation and adds a copy-button (@tobiasraabe).

  • #191 Adds a skip and a warning if gettsim.test() is repeatedly called (@tobiasraabe).

v0.3.0 — 2020-06-04#

  • Cleanup of ALG II parameters and documentation (@mjbloemer)

  • Break up params.yaml into group-level files (@MaxBlesch)

  • Correct income deductions for additional child benefit (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Implement “Starke-Familien-Gesetz” from July 2019 on child benefits (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Remove child specific ALG II withdrawal and refactoring of ALG II (@MaxBlesch, @mjbloemer)

  • Add ALG II transfer withdrawal 2005-01-01 to 2005-09-30 (@mjbloemer, @MaxBlesch)

  • Child tax allowance modelled as two separate items. (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Alimony advance payment (Unterhaltsvorschuss) now modelled more in line with the law (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Implement Art. 3 of Familienentlastungsgesetz on income tax tariff and child tax allowance becoming effective in 2020 (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Implement parity in health care contributions since 2019 and 2020 contribution rates (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Add Elterngeld calculation (@MaxBlesch, @boryana-ilieva)

  • Fix Soli 1991 calculation, improve Soli 1995 calculation, add 2021 Soli parameters and add Soli tests (@mjbloemer, @MaxBlesch)

  • Implement pre-2010 ruling on Vorsorgeaufwendungen (@Eric-Sommer)

  • gettsim is released as a conda noarch package (@tobiasraabe)

  • Implement 2020 reform increasing housing benefit (Wohngeldstärkungsgesetz) and complete parameters on past benefits (@Eric-Sommer)

  • Regroup wohngeld parameters according to GEP-3 (@MaxBlesch)

  • Rename all data columns to German names (@amageh, @MaxBlesch)

  • Rename and regroup all param files (@Eric-Sommer, @MaxBlesch)

  • Add generic/piecewise functions (@johannesgoldbeck, @ppoepperling, @MaxBlesch)

  • A series of pull requests establishes the new DAG-based backend and refactors the calculation of benefits, taxes, and social insurance (@MaxBlesch, @tobiasraabe)

  • Error messages for the new interface (@hmgaudecker, @tobiasraabe).

v0.2.1 — 2019-11-20#

v0.2.0 — 2019-11-06#

Initial release of gettsim.

v0.1 and prior work — 2019-09-30#

Most code written by @Eric-Sommer based on IZAΨMOD, a policy microsimulation model developed at IZA.