Welcome to GETTSIM’s documentation!#

GETTSIM provides a depiction of the German Taxes and Transfers System that is usable in a wide array of research applications, ranging from complex dynamic programming models to detailed microsimulation studies.

GETTSIM is implemented in Python, thereby achieving both user-friendliness and flexibility. All features are extensively tested.

You can install GETTSIM via conda with

$ conda install -c conda-forge gettsim

You can find the content of the documentation in the table below. Once you have installed GETTSIM, you may use the tutorials to help you get started with GETTSIM. How-to guides provide detailed explanations on how to accomplish specific tasks with GETTSIM.

Initiated by#

IZA DIW ifo Institute ZEW

Universität Bonn Universität Kassel Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Universität Mannheim Freie Universität Berlin IAB